Perspectives in Anthropology, is an online publication series that launched in 2014. The series specializes in articles on Social, Cultural, Medical, Urban and Visual Anthropology which are available online as open-access and free-to-read. Some of the publications in the series are evaluated by an open-source, peer-review process.

The staff of Perspectives in Anthropology was concerned that public accessibility to research journals remained limited, even though much of the research reported on is publicly funded. As a result, Perspectives in Anthropology was set up as a contribution towards open-source publications in Anthropology. At the same time, we recognize the increasing importance of digital media and new Internet communicative technologies (ICTs).

Perspectives in Anthropology is also committed to promoting debate at the interface between anthropology and applied knowledge such as methodological and interdisciplinary areas as well as that between anthropology and other academic disciplines. Perspectives in Anthropology encourages submissions and comments on a wide range of topics in social, cultural, medical, urban and visual anthropology consistent with these aims.

Added to the increasing emphasis on open access publishing, we hope that Perspectives in Anthropology will achieve an international profile through its association with the Open Anthropology Cooperative (OAC), other online anthropological publications, and with open-source peer reviewing by respected experts in relevant fields. This mode of distribution will permit a much larger readership than specialist academic journals, and this will also help to establish Perspectives in Anthropology as an online publisher with a public outreach function in which powerful ideas and good writing will secure a broader international readership.



Neil Turner worked in the academic print journal publishing field for eleven years. For five years, he worked in the Publications Division of the American College of Physicians publishing one of the oldest medical journals in the US – the Annals of Internal Medicine (1927). In part, he participated in the publishing of the Annals of Internal Medicine, the ACP Journal Club and worked with pharmaceutical advertising. The remaining six years, he worked in the Marketing and Communications Division which marketed the MKSAP educational product which assists physicians in preparation for their medical board examinations.

In 2001, Neil Turner and Leigh Fazzina (a journalist at the American College of Physicians) received the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) coveted 33rd Annual Pepperpot & Achievement Award for the complete design and implementation of ACP’s first website – Doctors for Adults. The following year 2002, they received the 1st Place Award for Electronic Design at the International Association of Business Communicators EPIC Award for website and content design for the same website. The Doctors for Adults website is still online.

The Perspectives in Anthropology website hopes to continue with the same excellent, award-winning quality of content and information for its readers.


    1. Thank you Grace…I am flattered by your appreciation of the blog. Soon, I will comply with the requirements as stipulated. Right now, I am busy with the next edition of the blog. Thanks again and this is a great idea…tchau…Prof. Neil Turner, American Anthropologist.


    1. Tim, I am using the term in reference to universal access via the internet to the articles that appear on the Perspectives website and universal redistribution and use of those articles without charge. The reference to peer-review means that at times I need to contact an expert in a specific area for their input concerning subject matter for which I have limited experience. Of course, this is mostly for articles that have been submitted by other authors or scholars. Thank you for your query.


  1. Im no professional, but I imagine you just crafted an excellent point. You naturally understand what youre speaking about, and I can truly get behind that. Thanks for staying so upfront and so honest.


    1. Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to your comments. But, as you can imagine, I have been busy writing. Personally, I want to say that comments like yours are what gives true value – that is, really true value to my work and more than that – it moves my heart. Thank you and continue to read. As I promise to continue to present the best that I can produce…tchau…Neil Turner.


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