Keith Hart on Nationalism;

Coming Soon:
Liberal Revolutions and the African Future: An interview with Keith Hart.


The Anthropology in Business podcast is for anthropologists and business leaders interested in learning more about the many ways anthropology is applied in business. AnthroPod is the podcast of the Society for Cultural Anthropology, and is produced by a collaborative, nonhierarchical collective of Contributing Editors. Anthropology News (AN) is the American Anthropological Association’s news source. This Anthro Life brings you smart conversations with humanity’s top makers and minds to make sense of it all. The Anthropocene is the current geological age, in which human activity has profoundly shaped the planet and its biodiversity.


The Foucault Lectures (in English)

As part of a new series on Perspective in Anthropology, we would like to welcome you to The Foucault Lectures. This series is comprised of five lectures by Foucault himself in the English Language. We hope you will enjoy them.


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It is our aim to create an inclusive worldwide community of anthropologists with multi-language access, that encourages informal discussion, study, research, and the exchange of ideas and methods relative to the field of anthropology.