A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record. Such films were originally shot on film stock—the only medium available—but now include video and digital productions that can be either direct-to-video, made into a TV show, or released for screening in cinemas. A mini-documentary has been described as a category of documentaries that are less than 40 minutes.

For some time now, both European and American scholars have been sounding the alarm about how capitalistic societies are reaching the limits of their functionality and that a certain type of decline has set in leaving societies dysfunctional and deteriorating. Professor Jared Diamond of UCLA has developed a framework for analyzing the trajectory of societies and the factors that contribute to their decline and extinction.

Mini-doc acknowledging the courage of whistleblowers Brittany Kaiser and Chris Wylie in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Also, the relentless pursuit of David Carroll to expose how online personal data is being used and manipulated. In addition, acknowledgment of the excellent journalism of Carol Cadwalladr and Paul Hilder in helping to expose the scandal.

First in a series of mini-docs entitled INSIGHTS. This particular episode focuses on the discontent of the Brazilian people with their government, it’s policies and decision-making. Also, it features demonstrations that are being held mostly in São Paulo by a wide cross-section of the Brazilian population. Stayed tuned for more in this series.

Our affiliate: Ethno Filmmakers – This YouTube channel is dedicated to ethnographic filmmaking. It attempts to adapt to changing social modalities of representation for the 21st century by exploring new approaches. It seeks to preserve, empower and give voice to marginalized cultures, ethnicities, communities, and individuals using anthropological research as its foundation.